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A note from Carina

Dear lovely people

How are you all doing?  We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.  We’re missing you. We’re missing our team.

Part of me is missing a world that seemed normal and part is loving having Victor (he’s just reminded me to add this in) and children at home and knowing my family and friends are all safe and well.

I’m cooking more than ever.  Eating more than ever too. I never thought being a good cook would be an issue (an issue for my waistline).  But the desire and need to cook, to feed my family is almost primal.

Victor is doing a grand job in the garden, planting and harvesting and his bread skills are impressive.  I made the amazing bread master Richard Bertinet laugh on twitter with the question that the rise in the number of divorces in China must be due to breadmaking as Victor was in the kitchen for the third night in a row at 23.30 showing the dough who was boss.  Boy is he a noisy baker.

It’s tough for the children.  Homework is hard at the best of times, home schooling is a whole new world.  Some mums I know have taken to it like Miss Jean Brodie. We’re more St Trinians.   Take one day at a time. We’ve had good days and not so good days but I think that’s normal.  A coconut cake or homemade lasagne seems to rebalance the bad days so get cooking.

The other part of me is as concerned as we all are with the health of our community and the pressure the NHS is under.  We have never experienced anything like this. We’re the lucky ones that haven’t lost anyone dear to Covid-19. Our reality will change if we do and we pray it won’t.

Our other reality, our business reality, is clearly very fragile just like our economy.  We’ve closed all our venues. 82 of our team have been placed on furlough and we can’t see the light in this dark tunnel. We’re in regular touch with our team to ensure they are well.  We’re sharing health and wellbeing tips for the team and inviting them to attend training sessions. Time isn’t being wasted. It’s amazing how fast the days seem to go. I’m working on new menus and thinking and discussing how we can make sure our venues are safe, fun and welcoming when we are able to open again.

In the meantime we’re posting recipes daily.  We’re harvesting from the kitchen garden weekly and sharing with Edinburgh Food Social who are cooking for those who are most vulnerable.

We’re here for you too.  If there is anything you need and are struggling to get, please let us know and we’ll see if we can source it for you.

If you want a chat, please email or tweet me and I’ll get back to you with my mobile.

We will get through this.  We’re not sure what shape we’ll be in when we do but with your help we’ll be in the best shape we can be to look after you and do what we love doing; welcoming you; feeding you, your family and friends and thanking you for all your support.


With little government vision on what post lockdown will look like can you let us know how you feel about returning to restaurants in the survey above.  With social distancing looking like it will be in place for months, if not years, ahead how will this make you behave?


The more help we can get now will help us create the best environment for you when we are able to reopen.

We will choose 10 lucky winners at random who will win a bottle of wine to enjoy when we re-open!

Thank you in advance.

With all best wishes and keep well, keep safe and keep cooking.

With a big virtual hug to you all.

Victor and Carina